Friday, August 5, 2011

The best/worst day off of all time.

Today I did nothing.  I had planned to wake up at six, hop on the bus down to San Bruno Mountain for a solid eight mile run, come home and wheel my laundry down to the 'mat and then head to SPCA for some cuddly volunteer time.  Not a single one of these things was accomplished.  I woke up, hit snooze a couple times, eventually gave in to the bed and slept in until seven-thirty or so.  I know, livin' wild, what can I say?  After some internal argument and a few stretches, I decided I wasn't in shape to take on a big run and made some vegan pancakes that turned out to be a big ol' disappointment.  Between episodes of Weeds on Netflix, I managed to take a shower and get all my laundry packed up into the largest rolling suitcase of all time.  It's still there on my bedroom floor, ready to go.  I was still considering a short run in the afternoon, but I got caught up in cleaning the kitchen.  I watered plants, salted a snail that was after one of my peppers (stronger every day) and enjoyed a cup of tea on the stoop; so my day was not completely without fresh air.  The way the fog rolls in here is pretty amazing.  The view out over the mission is constantly changing.  Twin Peaks is often obscured by a big grey quilt and the sun pokes through threadbare spots over the houses.  I throw my head back, watch the little patches of grey swimming between me and my blue sky and I force myself to forget as the fog slowly overtakes my field of vision.

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